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Easy Use

The DrippySHOTS™ dispenser helps you to easily fill up to six shot glasses at once with your favorite drink and then hold them up to prevent wastage or spillages.

1. Just place one shot glass under each spout.

2. There are six spouts and you pour your drink directly into the top of the Shot dispenser.

3. Then it dispenses that liquid to all the shot glasses below and boom!

4. You can simply lift it up.

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Happy Hour

This drinking shot dispenser is very suitable for parties, bars, and family gatherings. In the weekend leisure time, invite family and friends to enjoy a good time together. An essential role for parties.

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Time Saver

No one has to wait in line to get their shot glasses filled. Filling quickly multiple shot glasses at the same time for your friends, DrippySHOTS™ allows you and your buddies to really enjoy the party, without being a waiter all the time.

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